DIY Batman and Robin Costumes

After sharing E’s Halloween costumes from the last few years, it seemed natural to share the kids’ costumes for this year. I finished them about 3 minutes before they needed to wear them to a costume birthday party.

Hands down, these were the easiest costumes I’ve made. Not the cheapest, but most of the pieces I bought will be worn beyond Halloween.

Several items were things we already had at the house:

  • Solid long sleeve shirt for E – this one was from Old Navy several seasons ago;I’ll buy anything for $1.47!
  • Felt scraps – black, green, yellow
  • Knit fabric – I happened to have about a yard of yellow knit fabric, so I used a small piece of that for Bee’s cape
  • Batman mask – no idea where it came from or how long we’ve had it
  • Elastic for Bee’s mask

A few other pieces came from Amazon:

E’s pants were a pair of sweatpants from the Cat & Jack line at Target. He was originally going to be all black, but then he wanted to be blue and gray, and then settled on gray and black. So many decisions.

And finally, I did have to grab a few things from Hobby Lobby:

  • Green fabric for Bee’s arm bands and mask – 1/4 yd
  • Black fabric for E’s cape – 1 yd
  • Velcro

This is Chris’ favorite part of my costume adventures, where I basically start with a pile of random scraps of nothing. Just kidding. He hates this part. I free-hand cut a Bat symbol and oval out of felt, but you could also print and trace, or use other materials. I vetoed heat transfer vinyl, because a) I already had the right color felt and b) felt is significantly cheaper, but it would have worked just as well.

After I cut out the pieces for E’s shirt, I pinned them and started stitching. You could also use fabric glue, or heat n bond.

I set E’s shirt to the side, and cut out the pieces for Bee’s romper. Again, I cut the logo and the yellow rectangles (I don’t even know what those are – are they supposed to be buttons?!) free-hand out of felt.

I figured Bee wouldn’t keep a cape on, so I stitched a piece of yellow knit fabric to the back of her romper. Since I used knit, I didn’t both to finish any edges.

I set both shirts to the side, and started working on “accessories”.

I was doing a pretty good job taking pictures along the way, until we got to Saturday afternoon, and I had to finish all the remaining pieces before the costume party. Oops!

Anyway, E’s utility belt was a simple strip of black felt with a couple black “pockets” that I made out of felt as well. I stitched on a small loop on the back of each pocket, and then slid them on to the belt. I didn’t use any specific pattern for his cape, but there’s a great tutorial here if you need one!

The last thing I made for Batman was the felt cuffs. I made them the width of his shirt sleeves so that he could wear them over his shirt without me having to attach them. Because felt is fairly stiff, they stayed up just fine the whole time he was Batmanning at the costume party.

Bee’s mask and arm bands were the last things to be finished. Her mask is felt on one side, and the awful-to-sew green sequin fabric on the other. I stitched around the outside of the mask, and the edges of the eyeholes, but I didn’t worry about finishing any edges (I’m glad, since she wouldn’t even keep the mask on anyway!). There are tons of templates for face masks available online, but I recommend checking the eyeholes against the actual child’s eyes before you cut anything!

Finally, I cut two rectangles, long enough to go around her wrists, out of the sequin fabric. I lined them with felt, and then stitched Velcro to each end.

E was so excited to spend all day fighting crime with his tiny sidekick! And by fighting crime, I mean terrorizing the dogs and watching YouTube videos about magic eggs.

Happy Halloween!

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Thank you for stopping by! I'm the mama behind em and ellie, formerly mama & little e. Although I've been a crafty sewist for years, I formally started my DIY adventure in July 2013, after a lot of prompting from Mr. Mama, and two random unrelated orders for baby gifts from friends. Shortly after the first two orders, I launched an etsy shop. On top of running my handmade boutique, I love to spend time repurposing random junk, making ridiculous Halloween costumes out of cardboard, decorating (and re-decorating) our home on a budget, taking pictures of my kids, and making elaborate meal plans that nobody actually follows. I also own an obscene amount of throw pillows.

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