DIY Pendant Lamp (also: I Have a Target Problem) 

Some of my favorite DIY projects are easy, cheap, and appall my husband.

Several months ago, I was in Target buying dog food. I repeated to myself, “I am only here for dog food. I will not look at throw pillows. I will not look at throw pillows.” Well, in order to get to the dog food aisle, I had to go through home goods (that is a lie). I granted myself permission to take a tiny peek at the home goods clearance section, just in case. It is so fortunate that I checked, because there were two lamps that were PERFECT for the comforter and accent tables I bought the last time I was in Target buying ONLY LAUNDRY DETERGENT AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.

I brought the lamps home, and they were indeed perfect with the comforter and accent tables.

Shortly after welcoming the lamp pair to their new home, my husband knocked one of them off while trying to hit the snooze button for the 100th time (I’m not judging, I do it too). The spider fitter on the inside of the shade was busted, but the lamp itself was still intact so I left it alone. A couple months later, one of our dogs (Violet Banana) chewed through the cord of the second lamp.

Well, now I was down one lamp shade, and one lamp base. I combined the functional base and shade, and moved it to the guest room (meaning of course I would need to get new bedding since the lamp didn’t match, but I’ll save that for another day). I found two luscious gold lamps at Hobby Lobby for 40% off later that week, but I couldn’t bring myself to toss the fitter-less shade just yet.

After hanging on to it for weeks, I wondered if I could somehow rig it as a drum/pendant style lamp for one of the hanging lights in our kitchen. I wasn’t quite ready to tackle any actual electrical work, which ruled out the fixture above our breakfast table. I was at an unnamed hardware store buying some other things anyway, so I walked through the lighting aisles looking for a replacement spider fitter. I figured I could unscrew the existing light fixture, slide the shade with new fitter on, and then reattach everything. The associate working just stared at me like I’d lost my mind when I asked him if they carried anything like that; he said he’d never heard them called that before, but I am 96% sure that’s what they’re called.

Anyway, after I described it, he said I’d probably have to go to a specialty lighting store to find something like that. I asked if they had any thin rigid metal pieces that I could use to make something. And at that point, he for sure thought I was crazy. I decided I could probably find something online. Before I started poking around on the internet, I rummaged through Chris’ stuff in our garage, and all of my craft stuff. The last place I looked was in the kitchen, where I found a drawer full of metal kabob skewers.

I placed one across the middle of the lampshade and it just happened to be the exact length I needed. Before I placed any of the rest, I put it over the existing fixture. I put the 2nd skewer perpendicular to the 1st, and then put the 3rd and 4th parallel to the 1st and 2nd, but on opposite sides of the existing fixture in order to secure it.

No glue, no hardware, no electrical work.

I love the way it turned out, and I love the little splash of pattern it adds to the kitchen area. I do often wonder what the hardware store associate would say if I told him I used 4 kabob skewers in lieu of a spider fitter. 🙂

To get the look:

Ring-tip metal kabob skewers

Ikat lamp shade
You could also just wait for a dog and/or husband to break an existing lamp, which is a strategy that works great at our house!

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Thank you for stopping by! I'm the mama behind em and ellie, formerly mama & little e. Although I've been a crafty sewist for years, I formally started my DIY adventure in July 2013, after a lot of prompting from Mr. Mama, and two random unrelated orders for baby gifts from friends. Shortly after the first two orders, I launched an etsy shop. On top of running my handmade boutique, I love to spend time repurposing random junk, making ridiculous Halloween costumes out of cardboard, decorating (and re-decorating) our home on a budget, taking pictures of my kids, and making elaborate meal plans that nobody actually follows. I also own an obscene amount of throw pillows.

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