Fun With Words

I know I’m not alone in my love of all things fall! I love the change in weather, the change in wardrobe, back-to-school shopping, prepping for the busy holiday season, pumpkin everything – what’s not to love?


Unfortunately, fall in our area is also hurricane season. In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, our county schools have been out for nearly five weeks, with no definite return date in sight! I am SO thankful that our district is being thorough, and that students and staff will not be asked to return until the buildings are safe and clean. Still, that leaves parents and teachers alike wondering, now what?!

Our area teachers have been putting together videos, digital assignments, pop-up learning stations, and anything else they can think of to keep young minds active, as we are essentially heading into month five of “summer vacation”! I am so impressed by their dedication, even as some of them are in the process of recovery themselves!

While we are also working on grade level math skills using various workbooks and manipulatives, at our house, we especially love having fun with words. Both of my children LOVE to read, and my son has always been interested in vocabulary, word play, figurative language, and so much more.

watermarkA (1 of 9) has been a great tool during this extended time outside of school! Are you needing a little brain work that doesn’t feel like work? Snuggle up with your kids and this fun Autumn leaves word scramble. E loves these because they are quick and fun!

You can download the Autumn Leaves Word Scramble and Answer Key  right here for free! For more engaging spelling activities, go to!

Another fun word game we’ve been playing is Boggle. It was one of my favorites when I was younger, and I’m happy to have another “brain” game we can all play together! It’s a little bit of a challenge because Bee likes to move the letters and move the timer around, but it’s still fun to see what words we can find!

watermarkA (2 of 9)

E has also been writing, illustrating, and typing his own stories. He loves to draw comic-book/graphic novel type stories, and we’ve put the pages in clear report covers to keep his pages all together. It’s an easy and cheap way to “bind” a book!

Finally, we all read daily. Bee and E both have their old favorites that they read almost daily, but we also make sure to keep new (or at least new to them) coming in regularly! I know some people are anti-comic book or books that are a little on the goofier side, but I’m a firm believer that reading is reading; anything that keeps kids engaged and in love with books is worth it. These Teen Titans Go books were a big hit at our house this morning!

What’s your favorite way to play with words? Best book you’ve read recently?! We’d love to hear all about it!


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Thank you for stopping by! I'm the mama behind em and ellie, formerly mama & little e. Although I've been a crafty sewist for years, I formally started my DIY adventure in July 2013, after a lot of prompting from Mr. Mama, and two random unrelated orders for baby gifts from friends. Shortly after the first two orders, I launched an etsy shop. On top of running my handmade boutique, I love to spend time repurposing random junk, making ridiculous Halloween costumes out of cardboard, decorating (and re-decorating) our home on a budget, taking pictures of my kids, and making elaborate meal plans that nobody actually follows. I also own an obscene amount of throw pillows.

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