Made for Mermaids Jamie Poncho Pattern

The Jamie Poncho is the BEST Thanksgiving outfit you could possibly imagine! It’s not just cute; it’s also cozy for traveling, and roomy enough for all the mashed potatoes I intend to eat!

You can wear it as a pullover-style, or as a cocoon cardigan. Check out the Made for Mermaids blog for the button closure hack I wrote.

As much as I love the Jamie for myself, I CANNOT take the cuteness of the youth Jamie. It is so, so precious. I made two for Bee – one in velvet, and one in a heavy sweater knit. She loves both of them!

Since we live in North Carolina, this is perfect for most of our fall and winter! Of course, we have days where she needs a full winter coat, but generally this is all she needs!

She was REALLY feeling herself in this crushed velvet version! She could not get enough twirling.

I know she may be over this “fancy” phase one day, so I’m so happy to have all the pictures that I do.

I just love her so!

I hope you enjoy your Jamie ponchos as much as we love ours. I’m already looking forward to sewing up more of them for myself!



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