April Showers

I know some of you are still buried under piles of snow, but in eastern NC it feels like the rain has hardly stopped since last spring. We’ve had a few days of sun and spring-like temperatures, but for the most part, it’s stayed wet and cold.

I keep putting out more florals, more greenery, more bright & light colors, in hopes that eventually, the weather outside will match the inside of my house. Haha!

final 5

E hasn’t been loving all the rain and cold, but he does make the best of it. He recently started reading the illustrated version of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, and he is hooked. Even though he can read challenging text, he is definitely not ready to part with illustrations, so this version is just perfect for him. I’m hoping they will illustrate the remainder of the series because I have a feeling the rain isn’t actually going anywhere, hahaha!

final 6

If you’ve met my Bee in real life, you know she’s just as happy twirling through rain puddles as she is twirling in the sunshine. She doesn’t love to be bundled up, though, so she is longing for warmer weather too. PSST – check out the sneak peek of an exclusive line I’ve been working on! Stay tuned to see how you can order these exact dresses. 

final 4

Since Bee stays home with me the majority of the time, I’m thankful for resources like education.com that give me quality materials and activities for those rainy spring days (or for any season, really!). Education.com shares that “learning fun will spring up for your kids with this matching worksheet. Kids can match the spring-themed words and pictures and practice their word recognition and spelling skills at the same time. Be sure to check out education.com for lots more learning resources just like this one.”

This pictorial matching activity is great for my non-reader! She can identify all of her letters and many beginning sounds, so we worked on this matching sheet together.

She told me what each picture/object was, and then we talked about what sound or letter the words might start with. I guess her dolls joined for moral support, haha!

Need a little something to keep your little (or not-so-little) ones busy and engaged? Education.com has lots more like this, for all learning levels! Download your copy of the Spring Matching Worksheet for free right here , and grab the answer key here.

Until next time!



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