Cosplaying Spidey Kids

It’s probably not a surprise to you all that my ComicCon knowledge is extremely limited, but when E said he’d like to go to Okinawa ComicCon this year, I knew we could make some last minute Miles Morales magic happen!

We started with the ready-to-wear pieces that I could find locally. He already owned the gray shorts. I grabbed a pair of opaque tights at our base exchange, found a solid red hoodie at H&M, and miraculously found the PERFECT bomber jacket at UNIQLO. The bomber jacket was actually the only piece I wasn’t sure we’d be able to find, but it was the perfect finishing touch!

Although I didn’t bring much fabric overseas with me, I DID bring a bunch of solid black!! I made a basic long sleeve raglan tee, and hacked a hood piece that could just be tucked in to the neckline of the tee. I rounded up some red and silver heat transfer vinyl, and cut up a mesh lingerie bag to finish up the shirt and hood piece.

I cut all of the vinyl by hand, because OF COURSE I couldn’t find my Silhouette charger! I actually think it was a better choice anyway, since I didn’t run the risk of messing up any cuts. Much less stressful since we were in a time crunch (although my hands and wrists were definitely done for by the end of the day, hahahaha!). E just about fell over dead from excitement and shock when he saw the finished costume.

Of course, since E was going in costume, Bee wanted to go in costume, as well. She doesn’t really know much about Miles Morales or Into the Spiderverse at all, but she was so excited when E suggested Spider Gwen for her.

I wasn’t as worried about accuracy for hers, so I went for more of an inspired-by look! I had to get creative with her fabric; I bought a pack of plain white t-shirts to use for the hood and part of the bodice, and found a pink drifit shirt to cut up for the sleeves and hood lining. I modified the Adeline pattern from Made for Mermaids quite a bit to achieve her Spider Gwen look. I know it doesn’t look *exactly* like Spider Gwen’s actual outfit, but everyone at ComicCon recognized her character; good enough for me!

Even though it was a little wild trying to get both costumes done at the last minute, it was worth it to see E’s face. He requested an early morning photo shoot before the event, and even participated in the youth costume contest. If you know him in real life you know those are two things he does NOT typically do. It was so fun to watch him come out of his shell for a few hours!!

And, if you’re wondering, he’s already started to plan out next year’s cosplay!

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Thank you for stopping by! I'm the mama behind em and ellie, formerly mama & little e. Although I've been a crafty sewist for years, I formally started my DIY adventure in July 2013, after a lot of prompting from Mr. Mama, and two random unrelated orders for baby gifts from friends. Shortly after the first two orders, I launched an etsy shop. On top of running my handmade boutique, I love to spend time repurposing random junk, making ridiculous Halloween costumes out of cardboard, decorating (and re-decorating) our home on a budget, taking pictures of my kids, and making elaborate meal plans that nobody actually follows. I also own an obscene amount of throw pillows.

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