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Fall Fun With Words

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I know I’m not alone in my love of all things fall! I love the change in weather, the change in wardrobe, back-to-school shopping, prepping for the busy holiday season, pumpkin everything – what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, fall in our area is also hurricane season. In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, our county schools have been out for nearly five weeks, with no definite return date in sight! I am SO thankful that our district is being thorough, and that students and staff will not be asked to return until the buildings are safe and clean. Still, that leaves parents and teachers alike wondering, now what?!

Our area teachers have been putting together videos, digital assignments, pop-up learning stations, and anything else they can think of to keep young minds active, as we are essentially heading into month five of “summer vacation”! I am so impressed by their dedication, even as some of them are in the process of recovery themselves!

While we are also working on grade level math skills using various workbooks and manipulatives, at our house, we especially love having fun with words. Both of my children LOVE to read, and my son has always been interested in vocabulary, word play, figurative language, and so much more.

final 5 has been a great tool during this extended time outside of school! Are you needing a little brain work that doesn’t feel like work? Snuggle up with your kids and this fun Autumn leaves word scramble. E loves these because they are quick and fun!


You can download the Autumn Leaves Word Scramble and Answer Key  right here for free! For more engaging spelling activities, go to!

Another fun word game we’ve been playing is Boggle. It was one of my favorites when I was younger, and I’m happy to have another “brain” game we can all play together! It’s a little bit of a challenge because Bee likes to move the letters and move the timer around, but it’s still fun to see what words we can find!

E has also been writing, illustrating, and typing his own stories. He loves to draw comic-book/graphic novel type stories, and we’ve put the pages in clear report covers to keep his pages all together. It’s an easy and cheap way to “bind” a book!

Finally, we all read daily. Bee and E both have their old favorites that they read almost daily, but we also make sure to keep new (or at least new to them) coming in regularly! I know some people are anti-comic book or books that are a little on the goofier side, but I’m a firm believer that reading is reading; anything that keeps kids engaged and in love with books is worth it. These Teen Titans Go books were a big hit at our house this morning!


What’s your favorite way to play with words? Best book you’ve read recently?! We’d love to hear all about it!


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Back to School

b2s blog tour

Thanks for stopping by as part of the Made for Mermaids Back to School tour! My son is heading back to school at the end of August and, luckily for this mama, almost all of his clothes from last year still fit! As I was thinking about what patterns I wanted to highlight, I realized that I never posted here about last year’s fall capsule! We snapped a few pics today of two of our favorites – Rowan Raglan and a slightly modified Free Faux Fur Vest.


The Free Faux Fur Vest is a life saver in this house once cool weather hits. He hates any sort of coat that has buttons, zippers, snaps, toggles – really any type of closure –  so this vest has been a great addition to his fall/winter wardrobe.

He LOVES the sherpa minky we lined it with {he also really loves the star swim trunks he paired this outfit with, hahaha! I cut him a little slack since he broke his foot the day before we took these pictures 😉 }. I altered the vest neckline just a bit to give it a slightly boxier look, but that was it for modifications!

I also started sewing these little tags in all of his removable items (hats, mittens, coats, etc. ) several years ago. As much as we want him to be responsible for his own things, he’s also still little; these tags make it so much easier to keep track of rogue items. Bonus: they are easier to remove than sharpie initials when things are outgrown 😉 You could easily make your own, but I like to order mine on etsy.


E basically lives in Rowan Raglans – it’s such a quick sew, and he loves to help design different looks. Since he doesn’t have quite as many pattern options as his sister, one of the ways we made his fall capsule a little more versatile was making one short sleeve Rowan Raglan tee that he could layer over all of his long sleeve Rowan Raglans.


I know people are always on the hunt for what they consider “boy fabrics”, but we truthfully use stripes, solids, and heat transfer vinyl for almost all of his shirts. Every now and then we find some fun prints that he likes, but we don’t stress about finding them! Usually I use my Silhouette Cameo to cut HTV, but we cut these two particular designs out by hand so that E could give a little more hands-on help with moving pieces around, color, etc. The sloth was based on a picture he drew a few years ago; how funny is the little zoom?!?

All of his capsule pants are P4P Little Loungers, but we made most of them in cotton Lycra because he thinks normal pants are too “flappy”, whatever that means!

Fabric sources:

  • All solids are cotton lycra from Knitpop.
  • Faux denim knit from Knitpop
  • Dinos from Love Adore.
  • Tie dye rayon spandex and blue striped DBP (I think) from Sly Fox.
  • Gray/white stripes upcycled from a women’s tank
  • Vest is a quilted cotton, lined with a sherpa minky


Need more school wardrobe capsule ideas for kids? Check out the spring capsules I did for both kids over here, or take a look back at some of my previous posts for Bee’s other capsules! She’s not in school yet, but you could certainly use the same patterns for older kids!

Make sure you check out the rest of the Back to School blog tour this week! Check the Made for Mermaids blog each day for links to the other wonderful bloggers. 🙂

b2s schedule


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know January dragged on and on for a lot of people, but it FLEW by in this house. I wasn’t prepared for February to be here yet! Luckily, with the help of of a printer and some heat transfer vinyl, I can pretend we’ve spent months planning! Check out our Valentine’s Day kids’ outfits and cards for this year, and a super quick activity from!

Valentine’s Day Outfits


I dug through my fabric stash this weekend, but couldn’t find any solid red, solid pink, hearts, really much of anything that screamed Valentine’s Day! Luckily, we never have a shortage of gray here 🙂 I found some scraps of red and pink heat transfer vinyl, and put together a cut file full of different heart faces.

E’s shirt is the Rowan Raglan from Made for Mermaids, with added cuffs and waist band so that I didn’t have to do any hemming. Woohoo!

Bee’s dress is the new Made for MermaidsStella pattern, with the Ainsley flutter sleeve hack and a little bit of length added to make it dress length. I paired it with a pair of hand-me-down tights and shoes from Old Navy, and some heart bracelets she scored at Target for $1.

I love how quickly they came together! If you need a last minute outfit but don’t have access to a Silhouette, a sewing machine, etc., here’s an easy DIY hack. 🙂  Get any solid colored shirt or dress, then buy a single sheet of black (for the face) and a single sheet of another color (for the heart) from Michael’s. You can trace your design right onto the vinyl, cut out using scissors or an exacto knife, and then apply the vinyl using your regular iron!

Valentine’s Cards

E and I have had fun finding candy-alternatives to hand out each year! In preschool, he gave out heart shaped crayons that we made together (you color my world….get it? teehee!). I think we still have a few of the leftovers floating around! Last year, he gave out tiny plastic dinosaurs (because his friends were dino-mite, of course!).

This year, we got little goodies for his classmates, but also picked out a little something fun for our neighborhood friends, too.


For classmates – E picked out these bendy little super heroes to give to his friends at school. I made little tags that say “you’re super”, with plenty of room at the bottom for him to address them tonight. Or maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how organized we are 🙂 I made the tags in Photoshop, but you could do the same thing in Word, or have your child(ren) write the note by hand!

For specials teachers – I grabbed a couple Burt’s Bees lip balms in different flavors with a tag attached that says “Happy Valentine’s Day! You’re the “balm”!” We did this for his specials teachers last year, too. I always like to do a little something for them just so they know we appreciate them, and chapstick is easy enough to do for his male teachers too!

For his teacher and teacher assistant – I grabbed a small gift card from Target and a little zip up pouch to go with their lip balm. The Target poem I’m attaching to their gift card makes me giggle.

For our neighborhood friends – Bee, E, and I just loved these little dogs! They are so ridiculous, but so fun. The pink poodles were my favorite, but we also got little French bulldogs for our friends that are less inclined to like pink poodles 🙂 E is very into puns right now, so he has been cracking up over “pawesome.”

Valentine’s Day Maze Activity


Love is in the air and this sweet puppy is here to help you make your way back to your Valentine. is full of learning resources and printables just like this! I didn’t print one out for Bee because she is mostly still into scribbling, but E was really excited about this maze! It was easy for him, but I think he actually preferred it that way. 😉 It was a fun little activity to do together after school. You can download both the puppy love maze and answer key for free! I would recommend this particular maze for younger children, but has lots of resources for older kids too.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy Valentine’s Day!


*Post contains affiliate links.

*Maze from was provided to me at no cost, to share with you 🙂

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Made for Mermaids Stella Sweater


I’ve been quiet on the blog lately because I’ve been busy sewing up 1000 versions of all the new Made for Mermaids Lounge & Lace Collection patterns before release! The newest pattern in the collection is the Stella Sweater, available in Mama, Girls, and Dolly sizes!

Stella is quick and easy knit banded top or tunic (or dress if you want to extend the length on your own!). It is full of fun, trendy options. It features a slight drop shoulder bodice, 4 different back options (full back, v back with optional band or ties, keyhole back, and off shoulder), and several sleeve length options!

This sweater was PERFECT for using up all the stray french terry I seem to have been hoarding. This blue floral version is my favorite of all the versions I made for Bee; you can check out the hacks I used on the Made for Mermaids blog! Of course, I had to make myself one too:


Mama Stella is perfect with the recently released Bridgette Bralette, and I’m wearing it here with a pair of distressed SOS Pants from Patterns for Pirates.

The only version I DIDN’T make was actually the full back option! I was having way too much fun with the others 🙂  Here are a few of my favorites that I made for myself:


Naturally, we couldn’t leave all of our dollies out! How cute are the little tiny Stellas?!


Check out the Made for Mermaids blog for hack ideas, and stay tuned for the next pattern release in the Lounge & Lace Collection!

Each pattern is on sale individually or there are two (limited time!!) bundles. Sale and bundles end Monday 2/12 midnight cst.

Stella Bundle – all 3
Mommy & Me Bundle
Mama Stella
Dolly Stella

Need one made just for you or your little one? Get in touch with us on etsy, Instagram (@mamaandlittlee), or Facebook!


*Post contains affiliate links.

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Small Business Saturday Round Up

I LOVE to shop small, especially at Christmas time! Searching for unique, and often handmade, gifts has always been one of my favorite things about gift-giving. Luckily, my DIY gifts are much nicer now than they were 25 years ago 😆 Even if a handmade gift isn’t appropriate for everyone on your list, you can still shop small by choosing locally owned businesses in your area.

For Kids:

I put together a list of some of my favorite handmade shops, some larger shops that do a lot of good, and a few other ideas for imaginative play.

As Christmas gets closer, I find my Facebook feed filled with more and more articles about how many/what toys to buy for children, and many opinion articles saying absolutely no toys. We love toys at our house, and our kids still get some for Christmas, but we try to find quality toys that require some kind of active play or imagination.

We don’t have many toys that require batteries (I would say fewer than five!) We have tons of building toys that my son and now my daughter love to create with. We have a play kitchen that I rescued from a neighbor’s curb and renovated, which is the most played with item when we have friends over. The kids love their wood train tracks, dolls and stuffed animals, art supplies, play dough, and of course, books. They have a marble run, a wood castle, a vintage (it was mine, I think that makes it vintage?) doll house, piles of costumes and dress up clothes, and bikes. And I will admit, we do have a ridiculous 24v princess carriage because why not!

Here are a few of my favorites for this Christmas (and some from birthdays and Christmases past):

Unicorn Stacking Toy from Zooble– This is even cuter in person! My daughter still loves her stacking toys even now that she’s two. This unicorn one is just too much; she’ll be so excited to find it in her stocking this year. My son took a peek at their Etsy store and found a couple play sets he’d like under the tree this year, too!


Play Camera from WoodandMoreUK – my daughter LOVES to pretend anything rectangular is a camera, so I know she will have so much fun playing with this and making all of us say “cheese” for her.


Recycled Crayon Name Set by Art2theExtreme – both of my littles are getting these. They both love to color and draw, and my son will be so tickled to see his name.

Cuddle + Kind – This is not technically “shopping small”, but I love when my money can do a little good for someone in the world, too. We bought the bunnies for my kids, and the glasses on the boy bunny is my favorite part I think! They are pricey for stuffed animals, but they’re hand knit, and provide meals for others, so I’m in!


Alphabet Peg Dolls from Zooble – I put these on Bee’s list this year. They are so fun!

Other things that my kids have and love – Some of these are likely available at locally owned toy stores, so check there first! The Land of Nod toys are not, but we love to have some quiet play options in this house too 🙂

Hape Rocketship, Carry Home Dollhouse and/or Rocketship

Le Toy Van Wood Castle, Magnatiles, K’nex

For the Adults:

Jane + Cope Leather Statement Earrings – I think I have four pairs from these fellow military wives, with several more on my wish list! They are so pretty, and so lightweight. I want every color!

Noonday Collection by Analisa Jernigan – Analisa is so sweet, and the jewelry is stunning. I adore all the stories about the artists that create the jewelry and accessories, and hope that everyone’s purchases throughout the year help add up to a big difference in the lives of these women and their families.


Agnes & Dora by Tiffany Lantz– Almost every clothing item I own and wear these days is made by me, or made by A&D! I love their swing tunics especially, but honestly I love it all! My nieces are getting some A&D dresses along with some auntie-made dolly and me tunics this year!


Cheri by Kate – If you’re local to Warner, NH, you can visit Kate and her handmade goods at her holiday pop-up shop (25 E Main St in Warner) through December. She makes crocheted accessories as well as gorgeous custom clothing.

Whipping Up Fairy Tales – Kasey is the world’s fastest crocheter (I don’t think that’s official yet, but it takes me roughly 100 years to crochet something that takes her 30 minutes!). She makes amazing bow ties, bows, headbands, beanies, bun beanies, and funky jewelry. I need to order some faux druzy earrings from her (I hope she still has them!!!).


JamesMichelleJewelry – I have a personalized gold bar necklace with both of my kids’ names on it, and get so many compliments on it! I bought it for myself before right before Bee was born. It came out exactly as I hoped!

Custom Cutting Boards by CabanyCo – I got my husband a hilarious Breaking Bad themed cutting board a few years ago. He uses it all the time!

Butcher Prints –  I  got my husband a set of prints like these a few years ago. I can’t remember where I ordered his from originally, but he got a big kick out of them!

Personalized Bangles from Frosted Willow – My sister and I both have a set of bracelets from this Etsy seller. I like how delicate they look worn separately, but usually wear mine stacked! They also look cute mixed with other bangle bracelets.


Herb Garden Set from The Gifted Tomato – The Gifted Tomato had lots of beautiful gift sets for anyone on your list with a green thumb (my thumbs are as black as they come so don’t look at me!).


Handcrafted Yarn Bowl from aaharrison – We bought this yarn bowl for my mother-in-law a few years ago. I had seen several others like it, but I loved the little bird!


The Handwritten Home – Allyson creates gorgeous custom watercolors and chalkboards. She offers a range of sizes and canvases, and can create a print for just about any occasion.


Bouchard Custom Creations – Amanda is the queen of all things monogrammed. She’s based in CA, but can ship if you’re not local.

For DIY Gifts to Give:

Made for Mermaids and Patterns for Pirates – Both companies offer a ton of free printable PDF sewing patterns for things like mermaid tail blankets, aprons, bookmarks, leggings, and many other goodies! They have lots of cute ideas for teacher gifts, gifts that kids can help make, etc. Most anything can be hand sewn, if you don’t have a sewing machine. Psst! Starting December 1, Made for Mermaids will be doing another round of 12 free patterns!!!

Thread & Grain – Cut vinyl cutouts, funky wood necklaces, and other goodies are available from Katy at Thread & Grain! She sells shirts pre-made, or you can order the vinyl to iron or heat press the shirts yourself, or you can order the digital file by itself! I have her sewing machine necklace on my list this year 🙂

Dolls and Daydreams – The CUTEST PDF patterns for dollies and stuffed animals, plus tons of clothing patterns. My kids each have several – if you’ve seen their Easter bunnies, or E’s ninja, or the elves I made them last year for the Polar Express, that’s what I used!

DIY Dollhouse turned Superhero Hideout:
One of my favorite gifts I’ve given my son is this “superhero hideout” I made for his 5th birthday. E helped design parts of the hideout so it was even more fun for him to see it all finished. There are plenty of plain wood doll houses/structures that can become something similar, or find a local carpenter! I made this one myself with a couple boards and a hand saw, so I know someone with actual wood working experience could make you something amazing.


Take some time this weekend (and this holiday season) to support small businesses. Visit your town’s downtown area, check out local book stores and hardware stores. Swing into locally owned restaurants and coffee shops. Browse on Etsy for teacher gifts. Give gift certificates for a session with a local photographer. Gift experiences like art lessons, or passes to local museums or aquariums. See if your grocery store sells items made from locally grown ingredients.

I’m so grateful that this year I’ve had the opportunity to grow my own small business, and I owe that opportunity to all of you that have supported me along the way. Thanks for being a part of mama & little e’s story all these years.



P.S. If you’re a small business owner, please feel free to leave a description of your business and a way for people to find you in the comments!

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Catherine, Mama Catherine, and Dolly Catherine by Made for Mermaids 

Every time Made for Mermaids releases a new pattern, I think I fall in love all over again!

Catherine is a knit top, tunic, and/or dress pattern for girls in sizes 1/2 – 14. She features several yoke options, including a square or scoop neckline. Sleeve options include short, 3/4, flounce, hi low flounce, and long sleeves. Length options include top, tunic, dress with ruffle, and dress length. We just love the gathered skirt, the sweetness of the flounce and the ruffle dress, and I especially love how quick it was to sew up!

Mama Catherine features the same yoke and sleeve options as the girl’s version. Mama Catherine length options include top, tunic, dress, and curved hem dress length. There’s no mama ruffle length, though it wouldn’t be hard to draft your own ruffle if you are dying to have that option!


This mustard & white striped double brushed polyester from Knitpop was perfect for this Catherine (curved lined yoke, ruffle dress, hi low flounce sleeve). I paired it with Bonny leggings now that we’re finally getting some chilly weather!

(Striped DBP – Knitpop; Floral DBP – Sincerely Rylee Fabric; Burgundy flats – Target; Boots – Amazon)

The other two versions I made feature flounce hacks; you can check out the full post I did for those over here! The burgundy floral finished shorter than the actual ruffle dress pattern is intended, but it will be perfect as a tunic!

(Burgundy floral velvet – Knitpop; Green Floral – Sincerely Rylee)

Dolly Catherine

Despite the teeny tiny pieces, Dolly Catherine was still worth it. So much cuteness!

Mama Catherine

The Mama Catherine is just as stunning as the girls’ Catherine pattern! I made three different versions during testing (and have made several others since), and I just can’t bring myself to pick a favorite! This pink floral version is the curved tunic length with long sleeves. I like my tops a little longer, so I would personally wear this as top length.

Full disclosure – I really thought I would hate the flounce sleeve on the mama dress. I offered to test any option, but secretly planned to chop off the flounces as soon as pictures were done so I could just hem the sleeve.  Turns out, I actually really love it! This red Mama Catherine is curved dress length with a hi low flounce sleeve and a lined curved yoke. The red is a bamboo spandex blend from Knitpop. I used a red stretch lace that I scored on Amazon lined with a beige colored double brushed polyester from my stash. The lace yoke is definitely my favorite part!

As always, I love to see just how versatile different pieces can be. I had fun pairing this Mama Catherine curved length dress with other Made for Mermaids/Patterns for Pirates pieces, plus a few ready-to-wear items and accessories for these 12 easy looks. Check out my full styling post here

Grab your copy of Mama Catherine, Catherine, Dolly Catherine, or you can grab the limited time bundle while it’s available!

Happy sewing 🙂

*This post contains affiliate links*

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Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Projects

Although I’m itching to get to December and celebrate all things Christmas, I still love the  warmth and comfort Thanksgiving brings. We usually dive head first into Christmas crafts, but I decided to pull in a few more fall themed projects this year.

The first project my kids and I tackled are these fun DIY napkins. I love how wild the little turkeys turned out!

Materials –

  • cloth napkins (we used cheap ones from WalMart; they were $1.97 for a pack of 2)
  • fabric paint
  • scrap paper or small pieces of cardboard (to put underneath the part you are painting)
  • paper plates or palettes
  • fine paintbrush(es)

I folded the napkins for both kids to give them a better sense of where to put the feathers. I made sure to put a piece of scrap paper in between the layer they were painting and the rest of the napkin to prevent bleeding through.

To make the turkey feathers, my son dipped his whole finger in paint, but I painted my daughter’s hands with a brush.

We found that the feathers came out best if we did one feather at a time.

For the bodies and heads, I painted the pinky side of their fist brown.

Once the feathers and bodies were completely dry, the kids hand painted the details on. Well, E and I painted them. Bee is not a detail kind of gal yet!

I considered adding a vinyl “grateful” to the top, but I found some flocked leaves that I wanted to set out with the place settings, so I left the text off. It was fun letting the kids create something that we’ll use when our company comes next week!

The second “project” was a fun little word search from! The former teacher in me loves to find little opportunities here and there to get a little bit of “school” in during our down time, so these word searches were perfect for my son. is offering the word search to my readers (and me) for free; when you get a chance, hop on over to their website to see what other fun, themed resources are available!

The holiday season is here! Get your family into the holiday spirit with this fun pumpkin pie word search! There’s more themed reading fun and resources at!

You can download the free word search here, and the answer key here. Enjoy!

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2017 Summer Camps & Mini Sessions

Located in Jacksonville, NC. Final location TBD.

I am so happy you are considering summer art & fun sessions with me!  I am wrapping up my 7th year as an elementary school teacher. I taught 5th & 6th grade reading at a small school in New England, 5th grade for two years, and have spent the last three years teaching 4th grade. While teaching in New England, I happened to work right next door to an incredible art studio! I was able to teach classes after school and during the summer. I taught everything from printmaking to creating art from old (clean!!) socks to Pop Art, and lots of classes in between! I held several sessions in my home last summer, and the kids and I all had such a wonderful time! This summer, I am adding a few other options and (by request) a few adult options!

Terms and Conditions for ALL sessions:

  • Please complete the google form ( located here) to register your child(ren). Once you have registered via this form, a confirmation email and invoice will be sent within 1-2 business days.
  • Sessions will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Invoice must be paid in full to reserve your spot. If a class is already full when you happen to register, an email will be sent to notify you, but you will NOT receive an invoice.
  • Invoices may be paid directly via PayPal. Please email me if you need to make other arrangements. Please note that your spot is not reserved until full payment has been received.
  • Refunds will only be offered if registration is cancelled two weeks prior to the start day of class/session. Partial refunds not available if part(s) of a class are missed by the student. If for any reason I have to cancel, a full refund, or prorated refund for any classes not held, will be issued!

Please contact me at with any further questions. I am looking forward to creating with you children!

Summer Session 1 – Full Day Art & Play!  

  • Dates – June 26-30
  • Time – 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Session size limit – 4 ; no age limit
  • Price – $175/child ($150 each if registering 2 or more children)
  • A full week of imaginative play, costume making, art creating, picnic lunches, and plenty of sunshine!

Self Care Sewing Session 1 – Knit Tunic Top

  • Dates – June 26, 27, & 28
  • Time – 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Session size limit – 2
  • Price – $85 – includes all materials to make your own tunic top!

Pizza & Paint Sessions

  • Dates – Select One – July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29
  • Time – 5 pm – 10 pm (perfect for a date night for mom & dad!)
  • Session size limit – 6 per session
  • Price – $35/child ($25 each if registering 2 or more children)
  • Children will complete a guided canvas painting of their choosing, and enjoy topping their own pizzas! May sign up for more than one session. If possible, please email me ahead of time with what your child would like to paint so that canvases can be prepped. We will not be using washable paint; old clothes are recommended.

Summer Session 2 & 3 – Art Camp!

  • Dates – July 10-14
  • Session 2 time: 9 am -12 pm / Session 3 time: 1 pm – 4pm
  • Session size limit – 8 per session; ages 4+
  • Price – $95/child ($80 each if registering 2 or more children)
  • We will create wonderful pieces of fun (and some functional!) pieces of art, including items like recycled jewelry, stuffed animals, wall hangings, papier mache, vases, and more! No outside materials needed. May bring a water bottle if desired. We will be using materials that may stain clothing; old clothing is recommended.

Self Care Sewing Session 2 – Leggings! 

  • Dates – July 10 & 11
  • Time – 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Session size limit – 2
  • Price – $45 – includes all materials to make your own leggings! (or, $65 for 2 pairs)

Summer Sessions 4 & 5 – Art Camp! 

  • Dates – July 17-21
  • Session 4 time: 9 am -12 pm / Session 5 time: 1 pm – 4pm
  • Session size limit – 8 per session; ages 4+
  • Price – $95/child ($80 each if registering 2 or more children)
  • We will create wonderful pieces of fun (and some functional!) pieces of art, including items like recycled jewelry, stuffed animals, wall hangings, papier mache, vases, and more! No outside materials needed. May bring a water bottle if desired. We will be using materials that may stain clothing; old clothing is recommended.

Self Care Sewing Session 3 – Knit Dress With POCKETS! 🙂 

  • Dates – July 17, 18, & 19
  • Time – 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Session size limit – 2
  • Price – $85 for Maxi length; $75 for hi-low or regular length – includes all materials to create a beautiful, personalized dress!



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We’re Growing!

Well, sort of. Mr. Mama has been trying to get me to branch out into blogging and/or youtube tutorials for the last several years. I’m not quite ready to jump into the video tutorials, because, well, that requires doing my hair and wearing regular pants.

In the mean time, I’m excited to grow mama & little e by adding a blog! I can’t wait to share our latest projects with you all.

You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram at: mamaandlittlee